We supply freezer packs of our quality home bred beef to order.

Born on the farm, our British Blue cross Angus & Simmental calves spend their first summer at grass in the Parish of Kersey with their mothers.  
After weaning they are fed on home grown fodder beet and malt nuts until finally they are finished on our home grown cereal ration.  Their journey to the slaughter house is usually the first time they leave the parish.

The beef is slaughtered locally and is supplied cut, packaged, labelled and frozen.

A pack of beef consists of one sixth of an animal and includes all the cuts, with a variety of joints, fillet, rump and sirloin steaks, stewing and braising steak, and mince.

A pack of Kersey beef weighs about 80lbs (36kg).  

If you are interested please don't hesitate to contact us 01787 210 859 or thecovey@kerseylivestock.co.uk

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